The Bosnia List by Kenan Trebincevic is so well-written, so engrossing that the reader will be fascinated by its every word. But much more than just another well-written book, The Bosnia List is Trebincevic’s bone-chlling account of how horridly he, his older brother Eldlin, his mother and father were treated as Bosnian Muslims during the war that swept the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s. Trebincevic writes on page 139 of “watching friends and relatives killed or rounded up into concentration camps, the horrors of ethnic cleansing” and tells of how he learned to understand what people had done to him and his family and friends and why they’d acted as they did. His final Bosia List is one of acceptance. WIth both a superior index and glossary, this is a book that everyone everywhere should read and share.


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