Rules of the Game

Author Timothy S. Lane has written a brilliant and highly readable story of teenage Jimmy Kirkus as he travels a “rough road” in coming to terms with his inherited gift of playing winning basketball.Lane’s writing of this novel is unique as the twenty-six chapters of this novel spell out Jimmy Kirkus’ times as a basketball ball player from […]

April Wilder’s “This is not an Accident”

In the nine stories and one novella that comprise April Wilder’s brilliant This is not an Accident, her characters are not quite normal and are headed for self-destruction, often taking others with them. Kat, the main character in the title story “This is not an Accident”, is taking a traffic school course but thinks nothing of driving erracticaly for hours at […]

The Bosnia List by Kenan Trebincevic is so well-written, so engrossing that the reader will be fascinated by its every word. But much more than just another well-written book, The Bosnia List is Trebincevic’s bone-chlling account of how horridly he, his older brother Eldlin, his mother and father were treated as Bosnian Muslims during the war […]

The Time Regulation Institute

Turkish author Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar passed away decades ago but his brilliant work, The Time Regulation Institute,has been carefully and diligently translated so that readers worldwide will now be able to read of its main character, Hayri Irdal, and his highly amusing misadventures.  And speaking of misadventures, not the least of which is Hayri’s linking with Halit […]

Magnus Flyte

Extraordinarily well-drawn characters and a highly readable plot that spans centuries will draw all readers into City of Lost Dreams, the sequel to City of Dark Magic. Authors Meg Howrey and Christina Lynch have created a series that will entrance even readers who swear they never, ever read fantasy.  Star rating for all things Magnus Flyte!

Celebrate the New Jersey Pinelands!

The New Jersey Pinelands are mysterious with acres of forests, cranberry bogs, and old, old towns! Everyone who doesn’t know New Jersey assumes that the entire state is an extension of the New Jersey Turnpike with shore amusement boardwalks thrown in for good measure! Wrong, totally wrong! I fell in love with two old brick […]

Romance on the bay !!

Bay House is my one story that really is a romance. Main characters Lou and Andrew live through some really awful times before they marry back in the 1920’s,1930’s. And, of course, Bay House is set on Barnegat Bay in the Bay Shore, Island Heights section of Ocean County, New Jersey. Andrew’s grandmother, Annabelle, sails her little […]

Folksinger and His Songs

My kindle Folksinger and His Songs  features two Somerville, New Jersey boys, Jim and Ted, who are both musical geniuses.They rise to fame in the 1960’s with their folksinging group, The Green Street Regulars. Jim, the lead singer, has had a normal home life but Ted, the gifted flutist, has suffered through a horrific childhood. Jim deals well with being […]